Feeling Restless? Try Earthing!

I’m a Sagittarius, also known as the “Restless Wanderer”. So basically according to the stars, I’m destined to be a busy body. Although this usually works in my favor, sometimes, especially on the weekends, I feel uneasy. It’s beyond restlessness or boredom, it’s like I feel off centered.

We’ve all heard at this point in the millennium that meditation helps with this sort of thing. Time to quiet the mind and still the body. Personally, I love the “idea” of meditation but traditional meditation is tough for me. If I’m already antsy, telling my self to sit still and be quiet can sometimes feel like punishment. Go sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done! No thank you!

I prefer to take a walk or drive to the nearest park, lay my blanket out, and engage in some form of relaxation. I find it easier to center and quiet myself while focusing on the breeze hitting my face, the birds chirping, the way my hands or feet feel in the grass, etc. I’ve recently learned that this “practice” actually has a name, it’s called Earthing.

Take working out for instance. I prefer running out at a park or around the neighborhood opposed to on a treadmill. I actually despise the treadmill. It’s like I’m running in place focusing on the fact that I’m running in place. And truth be told, I DON’T WANT TO BE WORKING OUT period. So epic fail!

But when you run at a park you have things to take your mind off of the fact that you’re running. The beauty of nature, the cutie running with his shirt off (ow ow!), kids playing, birds chirping… you get the idea. SO it just makes it not so bad.

I feel that way about meditating. The only way I’m successful with meditation is by way of guided meditation. And sometimes I just don’t feel like hearing anyone talk. So fail once again. When I’m in these modes I prefer Earthing. And if you live somewhere the weather is nice it is just awesome. If you are not an outdoors person than this will not work for you because this requires you to be in nature and connecting with Earth.

Learn more about Earthing HERE 

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