Hanger Management: Cutting Back on “Grab & Go” Food

Honestly, I love eating out! I will spend some serious dough on a great meal and crafted cocktail. But what I realized is that my problem really isn’t eating out… It’s what I call “Grab & Go” food. So you’re probably wondering why am I calling it Grab & Go instead of fast food. Mainly because when you think of fast food, you automatically think Mc Donald’s, BK, Wendy’s, etc. The drive-thru. But I am referring to anything you Grab & Go! Including placing a to-go order from your favorite Thai restaurant. Those $8-$14 dollar quick spends ADD UP!

Unfortunately friends, I’ve relapsed! I’ve fallen back into my old ways!! I just moved back home to Houston from the Washington, DC area and I’m trying to get adjusted to my new life. I pretty much have an hour commute in the morning which I am NOT used to. I have to be road at 7am to get to work at a decent time. So as you can imagine, breakfast was an issue. I was on it for like the first week, then… I started grabbing a breakfast sandwich here and a coffee there. Then I started slacking on preparing/bringing my lunch. Next thing I know… MAN DOWN! I’m buying breakfast and lunch every damn day!

Lunch & Breakfast can run your bill higher than a lobster dinner if you’re not careful. Just think a $6 coffee with a $5 breakfast sandwich, along with a $10 salad with a $3 bottled drink for lunch runs you $24 and you’ve only been awake for half the day!! If you do some variation of that 5 times a week you’re looking at $100+/week and then $400/mo. OMG! No ma’am.

So as I go into April 2018, I’m going to challenge myself. I am not buying breakfast or lunch for the next month. This will force me to meal prep and get my shit together.

If you’re trying to get your finances together (and/or your health) join me! Let’s do this together.


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